Advantages of having your Conservatory roof cleaned

Lots of homes have conservatories, but the one thing about them is that while they look nice when they are new, they rapidly develop a green slime over them. This green covering of algae is particularly noticeable when you consider that most conservatories are white Upvc. The green algae can damage your white upvc plastics and can cause permanant staining. By having the roof cleaned at least once per year this will greatly help in keeping your roof looking like new and lasting much longer.

How do we clean your roof?

Not only do we use pure water technology we also use a product designed to kill off algae and prevent recurring growth. This highly developed product removes and kills algae spores and is safe to use on all surfaces due to its non-acidic ingredients. It is safe to use around pets and children and is 100% environmentally friendy.

Preventing algae build up

We recommend that you clean the exterior of your conservatory roof at least once per year to prevent leakage, roof damage and decay caused by the build up of algae. If you live in an area that experiences over hanging trees or lack of sunlight then you should clean your conservatory more often. Clogged gutters and collected debris for example, can cause a lot of damage if allowed to build up unchecked. Some modern conservatories come with “self-cleaning” glass; however this glass is not really as magical as it sounds. The glass will stay clean for far longer than untreated glass, but moss and algae will still build up over time, especially if the roof is north facing. It’s a good idea to give self-cleaning glass a helping hand by cleaning it with system. Do not scrub self-cleaning glass, and do not use harsh chemicals on it, because this may damage the photocatalytic coating.

Access areas hard to reach!

A key benefit of our conservatory cleaning system is that we can reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your roof which may have had to be left dirty for safety reasons.

Important Note

Many people think that is okay to pressure wash a conservatory roof, but it actually isn’t. The pressure washer, while it will get the roof clean, will also damage the seals of the glass or plastic roof panels. This results in the roof springing leaks.